What are Some Good Professional Associations for Health Informaticists?

Membership in a professional association has several benefits, from further education through professional development and certification to learning more about the field to gaining insight and access to cutting-edge information as it is released. Health informatics organizations offer these benefits and more, and there are many that a specialist in this field might consider becoming a member of.

American Medical Informatics Association

The American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) is ideal for students and professionals in the fields of public and consumer health, bioinformatics, and clinical and clinical research informatics. The AMIA promotes education, science, professional development, and networking. The organization also publishes a scientific research journal, JAMIA, and has the latest information on industry news as well as careers. Members can also find information on continuing education, conferences, and webinars. Another benefit is the opportunity to obtain Advanced Certification in the field through the association.

American Health Information Management Association

Health information management professionals protect digital and non-digital medical records in a variety of health care settings, from insurance agencies to hospitals. Health information management technicians also analyze and organize the data that is gathered. The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) provides members with the information and resources needed to continue to perform these functions. AHIMA also offers certifications for coding, health information management, and specialty certifications such as the Certified Health Data Analyst designation.

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Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society

With additional information on specific techniques for information technology-specific resources and education and industry-leading certification as the Certified Associate in Health Information & Management Systems designation, the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) specifically focuses on information technology advancements and education. HIMSS is an international organization that offers awards, career services, scholarships, a learning center for distance learning, and an annual conference for members.

Association for Veterinary Informatics

Some organizations have an even more specific area of concentration in the health information field. The Association for Veterinary Informatics (AVI), for example, is dedicated to supporting professionals in the veterinary field with best practices to manage, store, analyze, and present health data for animal patients in order to achieve goals and better health-related outcomes. Conferences, resources, and networking are used in order to disseminate information and share ideas among professionals. Research and establishing practices of care are a focus as well.

Other Associations and Benefits of Membership

USA Today notes the top five reasons for students to join professional associations, and current healthcare informatics professionals can also benefit with educational, career, networking, and certification opportunities. Additional organizations to consider joining, depending on an individual’s specific specialty in the field or interest, include the American Nursing Informatics Association, Health Level Seven International, the International Council on Medical & Care Compunetics, The International Medical Informatics Association, and the National Institutes of Health Informatics.

No matter which association a health information specialist chooses, there will opportunities to gain additional knowledge and skill in the field. As a health informatics professional, the continued development is beneficial in staying at the top of the industry and advancing further in one’s own career.