What are Some Good Online Resources For Health Informatics Professionals?

Looking at the top online resources for health informatics is a great way to learn more about changes in the industry and some of the new technology you might use in the field or in your own classes. Health informatics is a specific area of the healthcare industry that deals with different forms of technology that doctors and other medical professionals use to keep patient information confidential. It can also apply to the way professionals share information with each other. The top resources include organizations you can join and journals you can read online.

Healthcare Informatics

One of the top resources online for anyone with an interest in this field is Healthcare Informatics. This site is the leading resources for up to date news and information. Though it features the latest breaking news and top stories on its home page, you can use the buttons at the top to navigate to other sections of the site. This helps you find information on healthcare policies, clinical IT, IT management and new tech. It also hosts webinars that both professionals and students can enroll in throughout the year.

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American Medical Informatics Association

The American Medical Informatics Association is the leading professional organization for those working in the medical IT or informatics fields. It offers details on college programs at all levels, upcoming meetings that the organization holds across the country and some the special events taking place in the coming months. According to its official website, members receive a number of benefits, including access to the AMIA journals, access to its online career center, free webinars that they can take and a free account with its online forum. Members also receive discounts to upcoming events and meetings.

Alliance for Nursing Informatics

Though similar to the AMIA, the Alliance for Nursing Informatics is a separate organization devoted to helping nurses with an interest in IT topics. Also called ANI, it offers educational programs for college students and professional nurses that let them learn more about the technology that nurses use, patient confidentiality laws and IT methods. The organization formed after learning that many nurses did not understand how they could use those methods and products. Its official website features an online toolkit that goes over some of the terms IT professionals use and introduces nurses to various topics video videos and articles.

e-Journal of Health Informatics

Another of the top online resources for health informatics students and professionals is the e-Journal of Health Informatics. This is one of the leading journals in the medical industry and features papers written by leading professionals. Many of the issues feature articles relating to a specific theme like aged care informatics, pediatric informatics or health data mining. Though you will need to register an account with the site, you can then access all articles from the current edition and all past editions too. The e-Journal of Health Informatics also accepts articles written by some of its readers and offers information on submitting your work to the site.

As technology keeps changing, there will be a need for those knowledgeable about health informatics topics. Whether you’re in college and working on your degree, or you currently work in this field, you should take advantage of online resources for health informatics, including professional organizations, news websites and online journals.