What Are Some Good Conferences for Health Informatics Professionals?

For students, professionals and employees, it can be very beneficial to attend conferences for Health Informatics professionals. By attending conferences, people can expand their professional lives and learn practices they may not have learned while they were in school. Some of the professional expositions offer more resources and educational opportunities than others.

If you would like to find out which conferences are specifically form informatics professionals, read this guide and you can start to plan your year.

The American Medical Informatics Association iHealth Conference

If you work in a clinical workplace and you are looking for a conference that is specifically designed to help you develop applied and operational skills, the iHealth Conference held once a year is for you. The goal of the conference is to help you reduce your costs, increase the quality of healthcare delivery, and transform the entire healthcare environment. To attend this conference held in Minneapolis, you will need to get a sponsorship through your employer so that you can register.

The International HealthINF Conference

The HealthINF Conference is now on its 9th year and has become a great platform for researchers and practitioners in the field. The overall purpose of the conference is to teach attendees how to apply information and how to use communications technologies for the betterment of the field. There will be keynote speakers, workshops, special sessions, demos, panels and opportunities for open communications so that peers can network and build lasting relationships. The conference will be held in Rome and and professionals across the globe are invited to register.

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Conference and Exhibition

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society holds an annual conference in Las Vegas, Nevada that lasts for 5 days and connects health IT vendors, professionals and employers. More than 40,000 attendees come together each year that are members or affiliates with the HIMSS to listen to world-class speakers at this cutting edge event.

Not only will you have access to great educational opportunities where you can cover hot topics, you can also walk through the exhibit hall to connect with vendors. There will also be breakfasts, awards galas, luncheons, receptions and a challenge that will make the HIMSS conference more enjoyable.

The Digital Health Conference

The Digital Health Conference is hosted by New York eHealth Collaborative and is just for senior health informatics technicians who want to keep up with the advances in technology so that they can enhance the entire patient experience. Each year, about 850 attendees meet in New York and address how healthcare delivery has changed because of technology. With presentations from some of the most well-known speakers in the sector, you can definitely take away from this exchange and build relationships with peers all at the same time.

Not many industries change quite as much as industries located in the healthcare arena and the technology arena. Since health informatics is a hybrid of the two, you can imagine just how much you need to keep up with regulations and industry best practices. There are fun events and then there are thought-provoking ones that act as an avenue where you can start to take your career to the next level. Consider some of these conferences for health informatics professionals and then you can plan out your year for career development.

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