What are Some Good Blogs for Health Informatics Professionals?

As a Health Informatics Professional- or a student studying to become one- you already know a lot about the design and function of IT in the healthcare industry. Where does a specialist in their field go to learn new things and keep up to date on the blossoming innovations in healthcare tech? Many Healthcare Infomatics Professionals publish blogs full of up-to-date information regarding current affairs in healthcare to keep each other and the public educated on the subjects that are important to the authors.

What are Some Good Blogs for Health Informatics Professionals?

Just as the internet and technology have done some amazing things for healthcare, it has also made it easier for us to keep up with the fresh and inventive happenings in the healthcare field via the blogs of seasoned professionals willing to share their knowledge with the world. If you work in the field or are simply interested in how health informatics is changing the healthcare industry, you will find these blogs to be enlightening and thought-provoking.

HealthCare Informatics

The resources on healthcare-informatics.com/blog are seemingly endless. This blog:

  • Regularly adds new articles and blog posts.
  • Showcases multiple writers who bring their own unique expertise and knowledgeable opinions to the table.
  • Covers current and hot topics from every aspect of health informatics such as security, trends, and even the hiring process.

My Health Tech Blog

When professionals seek out blogs for Health Informatics, they are looking for reputable sources who post quality articles. That is exactly what readers get from myhealthtechblog.com. The author at the helm of this great resource, Deborah Leyva, spent 17 years working with technology and now, as a Registered Nurse, holds a Master’s of Science in Healthcare Informatics. This blog covers:

  • Health Information Technology
  • Health Reform
  • Current Affairs
  • Information about Accountable Care Organizations
  • and other hot topics related to how technology can change healthcare for the better.

Healthcare IT Today

For those entering the growing world of health informatics, studying health informatics, or who are looking for a new opportunity in the field, healthcareittoday.com provides many of the tools you will need to find the perfect career. Healthcare IT Today offers information related to:

  • Career coaching
  • Education
  • Tools
  • Health IT organizations
  • Employment opportunities
  • Healthcare IT career development
  • and other field related musings.

Write On and Change The World

Blogs for Health Informatics Professionals provide the latest in technology and research that will change the way we view and practice healthcare in the developed (and the developing) world. Seasoned Informaticists who share their thoughts, ideas, and research via informative blogs are not only helping each other, they are showing students and emerging informaticists what amazing things can be accomplished in the areas of healthcare and technology through the pursuance of new innovations.